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Isle of Wight Farmers' Bloodhounds

The Hunting Day

Hunting is on a Day Cap basis and a percentage of the gross cap for each day will be donated to R.A.B.I. (Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution) as well as to the very generous farmers and landowners on whose country we enjoy hunting on the day.


The day will start with unboxing at a pre-arranged venue and then move off to the meet.


Masters will call for hounds at 12.15 when they will hunt a human quarry for approximately five miles. During each day, the field could encounter 10 jumps, large and small, but always with a way round for those that prefer not to jump.


When hounds have found and the field has gathered, the pack will move off to fresh country for another five-mile run with jumping. This will be repeated in fresh country again for the third time after which the field will gather back at the boxes. If your horse is tired or you need to go home at any time, the foot followers will be able to direct you back to the meet.


After hunting, when the horses are loaded/settled, the field and foot followers are invited to the hunt tea, which is usually held near the parking place in a house, pub or farm building. Tea is not included in the cap and donations are always appreciated.


If you have any questions on the day, please ask either the Masters, easily spotted wearing chestnut coats, or one of the mounted field with brown collars and brass buttons. These are experienced members of the hunt and will be very happy to help.


Please be smartly turned out – as if you were at a competition. A black or navy hunting coat, black or navy velvet covered hat, beige or white breeches/jodhpurs, hunting stock/collar and tie. A hacking jacket is acceptable provided you are clean and tidy (hairnets please for the ladies) at all times.


Your horse must be fit and please ensure you have sound brakes - horses love hunting and you will be galloping at certain points.


Your horse should be well groomed and smartly turned out with plain hunting tack, sheepskin or dark coloured numnah. It is necessary to plait where applicable.


Please tie a green ribbon to your horse's tail if he is inexperienced with hounds and, if you have ever seen your horse kick, please place a red ribbon on his tail, which warns everyone else to keep clear.

Start Time:

We always assemble horseboxes together where possible at 11.30.


Hounds meet at 12 noon and move off at 12.15. Sometimes it is a reasonable hack to the meet from the parking point, which will help to settle horses' and riders' nerves.


Please make yourself known to the secretary when you arrive at the meet. She will collect your Cap and ask you to sign a disclaimer form, if you haven't already done so. It will only be necessary to sign one disclaimer form for each season.

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Download a Disclaimer Form


Before moving off, the members of the field (the riders) will be told who the Field Master (the person to follow) is for the day. At all times you must stay behind the Field Master, unless you are asked to do otherwise. The Joint Masters wear chestnut brown coats. If one of them is not the Field Master for the day, you may overtake them, although it is courteous to give them priority.

Foot Followers:

Everyone is welcome, but take care not to walk over to the jumps for a better view, as you may cross the quarry's line and throw hounds off the scent.

Foot followers must keep to bridlepaths, footpaths and roads at all times, and never stray onto private land unless the Master has stated otherwise in his address at the meet.



12pm, Sunday 17th February, Cheverton Farm Further details...

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