Isle of Wight Farmers' Bloodhounds
Isle of Wight Farmers' Bloodhounds

Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully answers below will help with any queries you may have but please feel free to contact us if not!


If you have any questions on the day, please ask either the Masters, easily spotted wearing chestnut coats, or one of the mounted field with brown collars and brass buttons. These are experienced members of the hunt and will be very happy to help.

How do I find out what's happening and when?

This website should give all the information you need including the fixture card showing where and when we meet.


How much is it to hunt for a day?

Please see the Subscription & Cap information.

Do I just turn up on the day and join in?

No, please read the information regarding Safety on this website and email, text or call the Hon. Sec. Jo Wingate 

Mobile: 07877 048499 to let her know you are coming.


What happens if I fall off or get left behind?

As with any hunting, members of the field will always be on hand to offer assistance, however hunting with Bloodhounds can be fast and you need to be able to gallop competently before coming out.

How big are the jumps?

In order to cross the country, the type of fences to jump will vary, however non-jumpers are very welcome and jumping will always be optional.

Who is running the hunt?

The Joint Masters, the Huntsman and Whipper In manage the hounds and the Field Master leads the mounted field. They wear chestnut coats or have chestnut collars on their coats. Please ask them anything related to the hunt and the arrangements for the day.



12pm, Sunday 17th February, Cheverton Farm Further details...

2018/19 SEASON


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A range of clothing with the Bloodhound Logo is now available to purchase.


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