Isle of Wight Farmers' Bloodhounds
Isle of Wight Farmers' Bloodhounds


Here are a few of our latest pictures .. 

15th October 2017 -Godshill Meet


A good field enjoyed one of our favourite meets with a ride through the village of Godshill before turning into the beautiful Godshill Park Farm. With thanks to Staples for hosting today's meet and to all the very patient motorists as we rode through the village.

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1st October 2017 -Briddleford Lodge Farm


Despite the dire weather warnings a hardy band of Bloodhounders were rewarded with a fine days riding today. Thank you to The Griffin Family at Briddlesford Lodge Farm for hosting us - we even had time for a look around your fascinating farming museum before the meet..

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24th September 2017 -Nourthcourt Manor 


The weather played its part as a field of over forty riders met at the lovely Northcourt Manor in Shorwell for the 2017~18 opening meet.Horses and riders all looked amazing.
Thank you to John and Christine Harrison for hosting us and to Mary at Northcourt Farm for providing parking.

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2nd April 2017 -Newclose Farm


A proper summers day for Blood-hounding. It was lovely to see some some old friends returning today, joining the field in making the most of an amazing day - great location, great riding. With thanks to Adrian Flux for hosting us today, to Saff and Alice for being our quarry and Jo and Sue for a great spread as usual. 


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25th March 2017 -Northcourt Farm


British Summer Time definitely arrived today - a beautiful sunny day was enjoyed by field and followers alike.




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18th March 2017 -Bloodhound Ball


A great night was had by all with dinner and lots of dancing to band Juicebox. Thank you to everyone for looking amazing and creating such an amazing night. Congratulations to Gen for earning her buttons and also to Kasey on her Best Newcomers Award. 

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12th March 2017 -New Barn Farm


A day of great riding and the hounds were on Jame's scent like a train on a track. Our thanks go to the Spence family for hosting us, to our quarry James and to all those that again turned out to help and ride with the Bloodhounds. Oh - and it was nice to see our joint Master back in the saddle, taking it nice and easy.


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26th February 2017 -Atherfield Farm


A great day out for The Bloodhound Gang. With thanks to Anne Henton for hosting us today, for James Bull as our quarry and Roger Broomfield deputising as our Field Master.


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12th February 2017 -Cheverton Farm, Shorwell


A cold day and a warm atmosphere out with the Bloodhounds today. Great ground and lots of jumps today. With thanks to Andrew Hodgson for hosting us.


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29th Janaury 2017 -Westover Farm, Calbourne


Well done to those that braved the weather to come out today. Thank you to Robbie Chapman for hosting us and to our quarry James who did a great job in very difficult conditions - the hounds were flying today, at least they enjoyed the weather.


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15th Janaury 2017 -Elm Farm, Calbourne


With the weather not being as bad as predicted, those brave enough to come out were treated to a good days Bloodhounding. With thanks to Keith Plant for hosting us, for our quarry Saff, and for the food and drink to set us on our way.


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1st Janaury 2017 -Old Smithy, Godshill


A good field braved the anticipated poor weather and enjoyed a good day out. With thanks again to Diane Andrews at the Old Smithy and to all those that came out to see us off.



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26th December 2016 -Shalcombe Manor


With thanks to Ken & Dawn McKenzie for hosting our Boxing Day meet and to Chessell Pottery for allowing us to use their car park. Great to see the effort put into the seasonal decoration again this year.


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12th December 2016 -Blackgang Chine


What a fab day and what better place to start than under the gaze of the Islands giant pirate at Blackgang Chine. Thank you to our kind hosts, Alex and Lucy Dabell. A cold and very bright day spent enjoying some of the Islands best views whether on horseback or following.


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20th November 2016 -New Farm, Nunwell


Thank you to Brian Morris for kindly hosting this weekends meet. And in a weekend of substitutions thank you to Steve for being our "Quarry on a Quad" and to Sue and Jo for supplying the photographs.




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6th November 2016 -Read Farm


A beautiful bright morning encouraged a good field to Read Farm to enjoy a day out Bloodhounding. Thank you to Mark, Jodie and Kaysie for hosting us today and thanks also to James, a new quarry for the hounds to track.



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23rd October 2016 - Compton Farm


Another fab meet from Compton Farm with a fresh (cold) bright and breezy day enjoyed by the field.





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16th October 2016 - Newcomers Meet

Nice to see a mix of regulars, newcomers and old friends enjoying a day out with the Bloodhounds. Our thanks as always to the generosity of our host Andy Kennerly of Little Duxmore Farm. .



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9th October 2016 - Havenstreet



A lovely day out in the Havenstreet area with a good field enjoying the warm sunshine. Thank you to The Isle of Wight Steam Railway for hosting us.



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25th September 2016 - Weeks Farm


A lovely day out in the the warm sunshine. Thank you to our kind hosts at Week Farm



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18th September 2016 - Weeks Farm - Opening Meet


What a fabulous day and amazing first meet. So nice to see so many beautifully turned out horses and riders, faces familiar and new enjoying the sun, the countryside, the jumps - the season has started.


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28th March 2016 - West Billingham Farm


A beautiful day was the reward for those that took advantage of our Easter Monday meet - great riding.

Thank you to our hosts, Mr & Mrs Parsons and our quarry Jono who proved that he can jump as well as any horse.

One more meet to go.


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20th March 2016 - New Barn Farm


A good field enjoyed a very "fresh" days riding after starting the day at New Barn Farm. As well as the usual jumps we enjoyed some pipes in the valley which appeared to go down well.

It was nice to see some "old friends" out today, we've missed you :-)

Next meet - Reads least Jodie gets a lie in.


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6th March 2016 - Northcourt Manor - with Kent & Surrey Bloodhounds


Following a great night out with our guests from the Kent & Surrey Bloodhounds a field of over forty assembled at Northcourt Manor in Shorwell to enjoy an afternoon in the sun/warm/snow/cold whilst galloping across fields and jumping a collection of jumps.

Thank you to our hosts, thank you for our lorry park today, for the fab food and drink and to the Kent & Surrey Bloodhounds for adding to such an enjoyable weekend.


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28th February 2016 - Atherfield Farm


What a fabulous day - bright and cold and almost firm underfoot. A great crowd enjoying some beautiful countryside.

Well done William Broomfield, who was a great quarry today. Many thanks to Anne Henton who hosted us and to the landowners who allowed us to ride their land. Thanks as always to all those involved and we look forward to next weeks meet with our visitors the Kent & Surrey Bloodhounds.


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21st February 2016 - Plaish Farm


Good to be back out after the enforced break due to the weather!


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31st January 2016 - Westover Farm


Daffodils in January!!

With the ground being so wet across the Island we enjoyed a day in the forest starting off at Westover Farm.

The hounds were on top form today with Saff, Jono and Alice being well tracked and caught over the three runs.

A good day spent in good company, thank you to everyone who made it a such great meet.

Thank you to Robbie Chapman for hosting us today.

Oh and to those that worry about these things.......the new hunt vehicle has a fabulously warm heater.


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17th January 2016 - Wolverton Manor


Well what a funny day - expected frost, started wet and then just settled into cold and misty!

That said a more 'intimate' field than we are used to enjoyed a fabulous day out bloodhounding. The hounds were on it the whole day keeping our quarries, Saff, Alice and our newbie Rod, on their toes; Jono is bedridden with man-flu - get well soon.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to a great day out and we look forward to seeing you in a fortnight.


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New Years Day 2016 - The Old Smithy



What a way to start off the New Year. And proof that eveyone can enjoy Bloodhounding!

A mounted field of nearly 50 riders braved a cold and blustery day - oh and the rain of course (well it is January) to enjoy a series of runs across Sainham and Ventnor Downs.

It was a real family affair with brothers Chez and Saff acting as our quarry and the hounds working very well in difficult conditions - the second run they picked up the scent and followed like they were on rails.

Many thanks to all at The Old Smithy for hosting us today - we filled the space with horse boxes, trailers and a huge crowd of friends, family and well wishers, thank you all.

Hot soup, bread rolls and cake from the 'chuck wagon' at the end of the day was most welcome.

See you all soon.


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Boxing Day 2015 - Shalcombe Manor


A fabulously festive occasion was enjoyed by a field of nearly forty riders and an enthusiastic crowd who started the meet at the lovely Shalcombe Manor with mulled wine and mince pies. Christmas decorations were evident for both riders and horses and we welcomed some newbies today.

Christmas dinner was worked off with four runs and Saff, our quarry for the day, worked off the most staying ahead of the hounds all afternoon.

Plenty of jumps were available for the field, including some in the forest itself.

Our thanks to Ken and Dawn McKenzie for hosting us, for Aiden and Louise Collins at Chessell for letting us use their car park and to the landowners. Thanks also to all those that again contributed to a great day - see you on New Years Day.


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13th December 2015 - Compton Farm


Fantastic jump Nigel - well done!


Another great day out with a field of nearly 30 riders enjoying a mild December day - we even had some sun.

Our thoughts were with Nikki Green's family today and a minutes silence was held to remember Nikki before we started and during the hunt when the field was opposite her home a horn was blown by our Master in her honour.

Our thanks to our quarry Jono and a new quarry running for the first time today, Michael. Thanks also to Sue and Gen and all those that helped and contributed food today.

Our next meet is on Boxing Day.


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29th November 2015 - New Farm, Nunwell


An enthusiastic field braved a blustery day in Nunwell. Heavy going with a lot of standing water meant that not many jumped today but judging by the smiles a good day was had by all. Our two runners, Jono and Alice may be wanting clean trainers for Christmas, they both did well in difficult conditions - though Alice did try bare foot running for a while. Food and drink were fab as usual and many thanks to Mr Morris for letting us enjoy the beautiful park land.


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15th November 2015 - Kent & Surrey Bloodhounds Meet


Our intrepid Bloodhounders had a great day out hunting with the Kent & Surrey Bloodhounds.

Thank you Jo Wingate for the photos.


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1st November 2015 - Calbourne Water Mill


Wow what a day, more like June than November. A field of 38 enjoyed one of the warmest days of the year, glorious countryside, great fun including "THE HEDGE" which a number of brave souls attempted. Thank you to all three runners today suffering in the heat for our enjoyment. A few tumbles but no broken bones hopefully - one caught on camera but unless I hear to the contrary doesn't want to share with her friends :-( and a possible award for the least appropriately turned out hunter - spotted silks!!!! Thank you to all involved, riders, runners, support and catering, another fab day.


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18th October 2015 - Havenstreet


A field of forty riders enjoyed a bright and mild day in the Havenstreet, Ashey and Downs area with mixed riding and plenty of jumps to enjoy - including an especially constructed wide jump near the end. Our thanks to Havenstreet for allowing us to park and start our meet on their land, to the land owners and farmers whose land we enjoyed today, our runners for the day, Jono and Alice and what about the catering? Wow what a spread we had today.


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4th October 2015 - Godshill Park Farm


Another fantastic day with a mounted field of 55 enjoying the beautiful weather and amazing countryside. Many thanks to Mark and Kathy Domaille for hosting us and a special thank you for Mark for being my lift for the day, making sure I was in the right place at the right time.

And a Happy Birthday to our Master, Asa, what a way to spend a birthday.


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Opening Meet - 20th September 2015 - Wolverton Manor


Our first meet of the season, held in beautiful sunshine and opening in front of the lovely Wolverton Manor was enjoyed by a field of 47 riders who had a day of fantastic countryside, amazing views and some great jumps.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to a great day, it was lovely to see you all and we look forward to the rest of our season together.


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Hound Exercise - 13th September 2015 - The Kennels


One of the most fun days out with the Bloodhound Gang I have attended; thank you to everyone who made such an amazing effort to enter into the spirit of our Cowboy & Indian meet, you all looked fantastic - seems a pity to have to don proper hunt attire next week.

Thank you everyone who has attended the hound exercises this pre-season, it has been great to see so many new faces coming along to try us out and we hope that you have enjoyed it enough to join us on our meets - see you at Wolverton Manor next Sunday.



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Hound Exercise - 6th September 2015 - The Kennels


Twenty nine riders enjoyed a beautiful late summers day around Porchfield - an eventful day and we even had the pleasure of Faye joining us in the support car.


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Hound Exercise - 30th August 2015 - Yafford


Another well supported meet enjoyed a warm and humid ride around Yafford.

Our thanks go to "The Professor" and Bob Morris for making today possible.


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Hound Exercise - 19th August 2015 - The Kennels


If we weren't already called The IW Farmers Bloodhounds we could name ourselves the Crazy Howling Mad as a Box of Frogs Bloodhounds - 20 of you lovely loons braved a dark wet AUGUST - yes it's still AUGUST - evening to follow the most excitable pack of Bloodhounds this side of Hadrians Wall.

On a personal note - damn that was good fruitcake......thanks Anita's Mum.

Amy, we're all thinking of you and send our love and best wishes.


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Hound Exercise - 12th August 2015 - Little Duxmore Farm


Our third hound exercise this year and a field of 43 riders enjoyed a beautiful summers evening ride around the Havenstreet area with a good mix of riding and plenty of jumps for the brave.

Our thanks to Andy Kennerley for his hospitality this evening.


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Hound Exercise - 5th August 2015 - Lower Rill Farm


Wow what a field - 38 mounted took advantage of our generous hosts Lucinda, Emiley, Jenny, Martin and Sean to enjoy a late evening ride around Chillerton, finishing off with lots of jumping and gallops around a course set up for them. With light fading a lovely selection of cakes were enjoyed before we all went home in the dark. Thank you to all those that came out tonight - the next meet is on Wednesday 12th but we are thinking of starting a little earlier - watch out for updates.

Apologies for picture quality - low light and jumping ponies don't mix.


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Hound Exercise - 26th July 2015 - The Kennels


The first hound exercise of the "summer" and 35 lovely crazy people turned up and enjoyed a refreshing ride out. Lots of new faces and of course the usual suspects enjoyed a ride around Durrants Farm, popping over the jumps and though the ditch and then a ride around the village before going around the cross country jumps at Forest Farm.


Great photos as usual Andy!


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Crown Inn- 18th Jan. 2015


Another good day enjoyed by all - although not sure if Chris will agree with that :-)



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Nunwell Farm - 6th Nov. 2014


Another good turnout despite the change of day/date.



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Staples Yard, Godshill - 26th Oct. 2014


Another good turnout & the weather was kind again.



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Opening Meet - Northcourt Manor - 28th Sept. 2014


A good turnout for the start of the 2014/2015 Season


Doesn't Jay Jay look smart in her official 'Junior Whip' Hunt Coat. Well done Jay Jay!


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More photos available soon

The Peterborough Hound Show and Festival of Hunting.


Fantastic day was had by all !! Well done to Bloodhound 'Editor' on your 3rd place.


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